February 2022

What steps should you take at the first signs of a potential crisis?

The FASFC takes a sample of a branded product and sends it to a laboratory. The analysis discovers an exceeded standard. What now? What steps should you take? Can you reduce the...

January 2022

When the shit hits the fan…

You have been called up to manage a crisis. Together with the other crisis team members, you rush over to the crisis room. The department manager has already started with the st...

December 2022

Crisis communication: too little preparation in reality.

During our simulation exercises, we often notice that there is no crisis communication toolkit nor a trained spokesperson present. Crisis communication is often the hot potato t...

June 2022

Does your customer abroad have instructions in case things go south?

All of a sudden, the FASFC is at your door… and you are completely taken aback. What if your customer abroad did not inform you about a problem with your product? Does your cu...

September 2022

A disaster occurs, and now?

It is 1 a.m., your cellphone rings. An extensive fire is raging in your company. The fire brigade is already there. You quickly summon the crisis team (not everyone can be reach...

March 2023

Transforming your crisis manual into a workable tool… How do you do it?

Everyone knows that there is no such thing as zero risk. Therefore, it is more a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ your company will ever face a crisis. Crises can occ...

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