Our core team

Thanks to their diverse backgrounds, Dirk, Julie and Barbara each bring their own expertise around the table. This helps to approach each crisis situation with a broad vision.


Is a people pleaser who loves the outdoors.

Consumers, producers, sales channels and authorities: they are all people who understand that zero risk does not exist.

When things accidentally go wrong, he helps to find solutions, together with the parties involved.

These solutions are partly the result of earlier experiences at an insurance company, an expertise firm or a niche consultancy.

In the meantime he has been active at Food Security for 20+ years.


Enjoys padel and a walk with her dog.

Julie, active with Food Security vzw since 2007, is a criminologist and started her career as a researcher at the Free University of Brussels. There she got a taste for crisis management.

As an advisor at Food Security, Julie wants to inspire companies to invest time and energy in crisis management. Convinced of the essential importance of "preparing for a crisis", she assists teams in their training process and in strengthening their own talents.

Julie supports the same people when things go wrong, because they will, one day...


Is a creative who loves a good book.

Barbara has been part of the team since 2016. 

After an internship in a PR agency, she studied crisis communication. Her thesis was about the crisis communication of Brussels Airlines during the attacks of 22/03/2016. 

At Food Security, Barbara is a member of the Cyber Security Coalition and participates in various initiatives to create awareness around cyber security.

Catching up on crisis management or want a book tip?
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History of origin

Food Security is an independent non-profit organisation. It was founded in 1986 on the initiative of several responsible individuals working in the Belgian food industry. Food Security has been ‘standing on its own two feet’ since 1995. Before that, it was part of FEVIA (Federation Food Industry). Today, more than 80 companies, from SMEs to multinationals, have become a Food Security member.

Our network

Our external experts specialize in various fields and can be engaged confidentially. They appreciate that dealing with crisis situations is time-sensitive. As we have established agreements with them, your company’s administration will be limited to a minimum.

Ready to arm yourself better against a crisis?

We offer you 24/7 an external and objective view of the facts, evaluation of the situation, advice on how to handle the situation.