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Learning Point

May 2021

Your production environment up for grabs for cybercriminals?

May 2021

Embrace industry 4.0 in a cyber-secure way

Have you got an IT & OT cyber policyCongratulations! Then you belong to the lucky few: only 34% of Belgian industrial manufacturing companies invest in this. Why should you have an OT policy?
February 2021, the operating system of a water treatment plant in Florida (USA) was hacked. The hackers were able to manipulate the water chemically. The amount of sodium hydroxide was increased one hundred times by the hackers, thus poisening the water supply of the entire city. Fortunately, the water treatment company was able to detect and undo the manipulation immediately.
How can you protect your production systems against unwanted (digital) manipulation?
April 2021

Parcel bombs explode at food and retail in Germany

April 2021

Security measures and awareness create a Food Defense culture
Our food companies pay increasingly more attention to the concept op Food Defense, which is a good thing. Its purpose is to better protect products, people and infrastructure against intentional acts. In any case, prevention is better than cure. Sometimes current events also make food industry security a high priority…
March 2021

Consumer services vs quality department

March 2021

The consumer is the crucial final link in the food chain. He buys your products and consumes them. Occasionally, he has a complaint about a product. Most cases are not that serious and can be dealt with quickly and smoothly. Sometimes, however, more attention is required.

We have recently seen a number of critical and peculiar cases where that extra attention turned out to be of the utmost importance...