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Learning Point

September 2021

Every manager’s nightmare…

September 2021

How resilient is your company in the event of a serious workplace accident?

In the event of a fatal work accident, your company had better consist of a crisis management culture. First, you need procedures dictating how to respond. Second, operators must be well-rehearsed in how to react. Third, the crisis management team must be addressed quickly. Otherwise, your company's reputation could be seriouslydented as in the case below.

June 2021

How do your employees respond to strangers on company premises?

June 2021

Measure your Food Defense culture with an intrusion test
Bringing safe products on the market is top priority in the food industry. While intentional contamination of food may happen, it is (fortunately) not a frequent phenomenon. Nonetheless, it must receive some necessary attention. On the one hand, it may have a devastating impact on your company (in terms of reputation, public health and financial damage). On the other hand, customers and certification bodies impose requirements in the area of Food Defense which a food company has to meet. How do you boost Food Defense culture in your company?
May 2021

Your production environment up for grabs for cybercriminals?

May 2021

Embrace industry 4.0 in a cyber-secure way

Have you got an IT & OT cyber policyCongratulations! Then you belong to the lucky few: only 34% of Belgian industrial manufacturing companies invest in this. Why should you have an OT policy?
February 2021, the operating system of a water treatment plant in Florida (USA) was hacked. The hackers were able to manipulate the water chemically. The amount of sodium hydroxide was increased one hundred times by the hackers, thus poisening the water supply of the entire city. Fortunately, the water treatment company was able to detect and undo the manipulation immediately.
How can you protect your production systems against unwanted (digital) manipulation?