Everything on paper can be used against you

A consumer buys a product that contains a bizarre and relatively large foreign body. He thus contacts the customer service. The company takes the complaint seriously and starts investigating the case. Meanwhile, the story also appears in the press. They wonder how a foreign body this large has got into the product.

From the very beginning, the press covers the story. They describe the consumer's unpleasant experience and add a picture of the foreign body. Over the next few days, more articles start popping up. They extensively cover the company's explanation about the cause of the incident. They are being shared by various media channels, including social media. How should your company deal with sensitive consumer complaints?

3 tips!

Your first reaction does matter

Sensitive complaints deserve extra attention. The consumer’s trust should be rebuilt: a quick and adequate reaction is crucial.

Try to get your consumer on the line. Direct contact allows you to better understand what has happened and you might also steer clear of a potential escalation.

Keep it short and simple

After the internal investigation, it is important to communicate the results. Keep it short, factual and simple.

Contact the consumer personally. This way, you will hear his first reaction and you might better assess whether the consumer is satisfied with the explanation or is still emotional.

Provide compensation

For many companies it makes sense to compensate a dissatisfied consumer with another product.

Nonetheless, the consumer might not want this after his negative experience. Verbal communication might also uncover this, and you can discuss the best solution for both.

Food Security helps my company by:

Making a guideline that the customer service can use to evaluate and handle sensitive complaints.

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Training employees or refreshing their knowledge during the "In dialogue with consumers" training.

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Learning employees how to deal with sensitive situations, before contacting the consumer.

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