An excess in a sample, what now?

The FASFC takes a sample of a branded product and sends it to a laboratory. The analysis discovers an exceeded standard. What now? What steps should you take? Can you reduce the risk of an upcoming crisis or avoid it altogether?

What steps did this company take?

Besides analysing a counter sample, the company took some other steps:

  • The company listed their stakeholders: consumers, authorities, involved & uninvolved customers and the manufacturer.
  • It demanded a risk analysis performed by an independent expert.
  • It made an inventory of the product and, if possible, blocked it.
  • It notified the FASFC and the involved customer.

A few days later, the counter analysis confirms the excess. The company is fully prepared to punctually carry out the necessary steps - as agreed with the FASFC - and to communicate appropriately with their stakeholders.

3 tips!

Simulation practise makes perfect

As a company, you want to avoid an improvised public recall or withdrawal. During a simulation exercise, you can already practise this scenario. In the event of a recall or withdrawal, the trained crisis team members will notably relieve pressure on the company.

Get external expertise to boost your credibility

Food companies, whether they produce at home or abroad, definitely have a lot of experience and knowledge in the scientific field. When things go south, it is best to get advice from an uninvolved party, especially when it comes to food safety issues

Prepare a crisis communication plan

When things go south, the various stakeholders expect you to communicate in a clear, factual and involved manner. Crisis communication templates may help you out.

Food Security helps her members by:

Maintaining and nurturing a network of scientists who can be deployed very quickly to provide an independent risk analysis.

Converting our broad experience, based on some 80 incidents a year, into practical tips and advice during an incident. We also share tips and advice when performing a simulation exercise, during which we act as a (co)designer of the scenario, a coach during the exercise and a writer of a report with points for improvement.

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Organising a crisis communication workshop, during which we discover some tools together.

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