Cyber security

October 2021
Cyber security

Cyber Security Awareness month. Think Before U Click!

October 2021 Cyber security is a major concern to many companies. The need to arm oneself is ever-increasing. How do you protect your company against a cyberattack? Should you p...

October 2022
Cyber security

OK is not always OK! First check, then click.

October 2022 is cyber security month, time to reflect on the smartphone’s potential dangers - lest our close friend become a dangerous enemy.

June 2023
Jouw merknaam wordt misbruikt, wat nu?
Cyber security

Your brand name is being misused, now what?

Unfortunately, you cannot control what criminals do with your brand name. However, you can improve the protection of your brand against fraud. Misuse does happen, and criminals ...

October 2023
Cybercriminaliteit: een tikkende tijdbom
Cyber security

Cybercrime: A ticking time bomb

Cybercrime is hot. While most companies are aware of the risks of a cyberattack, concrete action plans are rather rare. How do you deal with cybersecurity? How do you create awa...

February 2024
Een levendige veiligheidscultuur: jouw geheim wapen tegen crisissituaties
Cyber security

A vibrant security culture: your secret weapon against crisis situations

Investing in a strong security culture is the best way to arm your company against internal and external threats. It is therefore crucial that your company recognizes risks at a...

March 2024
Ransomware en het (b)rouwproces
Cyber security

Guest article: Ransomware and the brewing process

A cyber crisis has long been a distant concern for many companies. Today, cybersecurity should be one of their top priorities. Every company is vulnerable, whether multinational...

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