The culture of a company has a major influence on how employees deal with incidents and crises. That is why we want to help you create a crisis management culture.

Step 1: Procedures and training courses

To reduce the risk of incidents, clear procedures are established.

Employees then receive regular training and tests to raise awareness on crisis management.

Step 2: Open communication and rapid escalation

The role of the management is to inspire its employees positively and to encourage open communication.

Employees know and respect the rules and are encouraged to notify and report irregularities.

Incidents are quickly escalated to the crisis management team.

How can we help?

We draw up a customised plan together. This includes training courses, information sessions and exercises, geared to increasing crisis management awareness in your company. Furthermore, you can always count on our help when building or evaluating your crisis procedures.

Ready to reinforce your company against a crisis?

We offer you an external and objective view on the facts 24/7, including an evaluation of the situation and advice on how to handle it.