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Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy


1. General


Your privacy is very important to us. We want to process your personal data in a legal, correct and transparent manner. In this privacy statement, we explain to you which personal data we collect and process from you as a natural person. 


Hence forth we will be discussing data from you as a client, or potential future client or as a third party (ex: contact person of a company, etc.).


We advise you to read this information carefully, so as to be informed of the type of data we use. In this privacy statement you will find more information about your rights to privacy, and how to exercise them.


2. Who is responsible for this privacy policy?


Food Security vzw, with registered office in 1040 Brussel, Wetenschapsstraat 14 is responsible for the privacy policy. For any questions and/or remarks, please reach out to the above mentioned address (only available upon appointment) or email us


3. Modifications and updates of the privacy policy


We reserve the right to adapt the privacy policy at any given time, for example when our services change or when the relevant law is adapted. This is the reason why it is crucial to read the privacy statement on a regular basis.


In case of important changes, we will inform you personally and, if needed, request your permission. 


4. Which type of personal data do we collect? 


Food Security collects various personal data to ensure we can offer you a safe and personalized user experience. We collect your IP-address, suspected time and time of consultation as well as the data on which pages you have visited.


To ensure the optimal functioning of this website, Food Security uses cookies. These are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or phone.  They register, anonymously, which pages you are surfing on the internet. Thanks to these insights, the functionality of the website can be improved.


Overview of the cookies we use:



This tool provides insights into the click behavior of our visitors. This data can be used to improve the user experience of our visitors.

Storage period: 1-year maximum

Cookies: _hjIncludeInSample, _hjMinimizedPolls, _hjUserId


Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides insights into the behavior of the visitor, this data will improve the user experience of the website. 

Storage period: Maximum 2 years

Cookies: __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmv, __utmz, _ga



This website is built in the Laravel framework. The use of cookies is essential for the functionalities of the website.

Cookies: laravel_session


Would you prefer to surf without cookies? You can choose which cookies you accept, and which ones you do not accept. Without cookies, Food Security cannot guarantee a smooth surfing experience on our website. As a visitor of our website, you are free to stop the use of cookies if you so wish. 


We advise to enable use of cookies to ensure the full functionalities of this website. In case you would like to disable the use of cookies, this is possible via browser settings. You can disable the cookies in the following way:


In the browser - Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. In Internet Explorer select the button ‘Extra’ and select ‘Internet options’.
  2. Select the tab PRIVACY, under settings move the switch up to block all cookies. Click OK. 


In the browser - Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on menu and choose ‘Options’. 
  2. Select the pane ‘Privacy & Security’ and scroll to the section ‘History’.
  3. Go to the box stating ‘Firefox will’ and adapt to ‘Use custom settings for history’.
  4. Go to the section Cookies and Site data and adapt the setting for ‘Accept third-party cookies’ to ‘Never’.
  5. Close the page ‘about: preferences’. The changes you have installed will be saved automatically.


In the browser - Google Chrome

1. Select ‘Settings’ in de browser menu bar. 

2. Select ‘Advanced’ at the bottom of the page.

3. In the section 'Privacy and security' select the option ‘Settings for content’.

4. Select ‘Cookies’.

5. Disable ‘Allow website to save and read cookie data’.


In the browser - Safari

1. Choose ‘Preferences’ in the task menu (The task menu is located in the right upper corner of the Safari-tab and looks like a gear or click on ‘Safari’ to see the extended task menu. 

2. Click on the Privacy Tab. Find the section called ‘Cookies and other website data’ 

3. Indicate you do not accept cookies.


Or consult the help function on your internet browser. 


Food Security commits itself to only use personal data for the means for which this data has been collected. This personal data is identification details including name, first name, email dress, function and company name/address.


5. What do we use the collected personal data for? 


The obtained personal data will be used to keep you updated on our portfolio, to identify you, to contact you and the analyze and improve our services. 


Personal data that is collected within Food Security, will not be shared with third parties.


6. Your Privacy

6.1 You can look into your data 


Please let us know if you want access to the data we have collected on you. 

If you invoke the right to access, we will try to offer you a complete overview of all your details. It is possible that some personal data which is located in classic backup files, log files, history files and archived records will not be included in this overview. This information is not part of the current processed personal data and therefore not readily available. These files can therefore not be provided in the overview. They will be deleted from our database in accordance with standard cleanup procedures. 


6.2 You can improve your data


It is possible that some of your saved data is not correct (anymore). You can always request to adapt or improve this data. 


6.3 You can delete your data 


If you suspect we are using certain data in an unlawful manner, you can always request we remove it. 


6.4 You can contest the use of certain data 


In case you are not in agreement with the way we process certain data, you can contest it. We will consent, unless there is compelling ground not to. An example of such compelling grounds could be when we process data to compete fraud.


6.5 You can decline to have your data processed fully automatically. 


Some data collection and data processes are fully automated, without human intervention. The logic of this automatic process is explained on the moment itself.


If you do not agree with the results of said automatic process, you can contact us. 


6.6 You can request a transfer of your data to a third party. 


You have the right to request a transfer to yourself or a third party, of the data you have provided us. The privacy regulation does foresee some limitations to this request, which is why not all data can be shared. 


6.7 You can exercise your rights


Always be as specific as possible when exercising your rights. This will allow us to provide you with a concrete and correct answer. We have to verify your identity, to avoid others exercising your rights. Therefore, we always request a copy of your ID card for this type of request. 


In case of questions or feedback please reach out to us on This is the first point of contact with regards to Privacy.


7. Retention of your personal data 


We utilize your personal data if we have a clear objective. If we do not have a specific object or goal, your data will be deleted. 


The principles for storing your personal data is that of the legal data-retention (often this is up to 10 years after the end of the contract or the performance of a transaction).


When exercising our rights, this timeframe could be longer. In case the law does not foresee a data-retention period, the period of retention could be shorter.


For certain applications the timeframe could be broader, for example when making certain market studies, risk models or marketing models. Some insights are only made clear when looking at data over a broader timeframe. In these cases, the data-retention period can be extended by 10 years vs. the standard data-retention timeframe. For these studies, we will try and break the link with personal data as soon as possible and try and work with aggregated or ‘pseudonymised’ data.


8. Your data will be processed 


Personal data is only processed for internal use at Food Security.


9. Security and confidentiality  

9.1 We have developed security measures that are adapted to technical and organizational level to avoid the destruction, loss, falsification, adaptation, unauthorized access or notification of third parties of collected personal data and to avoid any other form of unauthorized processing of this data.


9.2 Under no circumstances can Food Security vzw be held accountable for direct or indirect damages resulting from a faulty or unauthorized use of personal data by third parties.


9.3 Adhere to the safety procedures at all times by, for example, prohibiting any unauthorized access to your login and code. You are the sole responsible for the use of your identification details and IP address accessed from the website on your computer, as well as the confidentiality of this data.