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What do we do

Food Security supports food sector companies before, during and following crisis situations across a range of different areas, such as product incidents, food defense, cyber security, crisis communication and criminal activity.

Crisis readiness

Effective crisis management starts with proper preparation. We draw up a customised plan for your company in order to create a positive crisis management culture. Ready to arm yourself properly against any crisis? Please contact us for an introductory meeting.

Crisis management

What can Food Security do for your company?

Support and assist you in:

  • Incidents that may result in the blocking, withdrawal or recall of products
  • A malicious or intentional incident (food defense, extortion, extortion, fraud, arson, cybercrime, etc.)
  • Any other incident with a potential impact on your company’s finances or reputation (industrial accident, environmental incident, community issue, etc.)

Why would you call on Food Security?

We offer you 24/7:

  • An external and objective view of the facts
  • Evaluation of the situation
  • Advice on how to deal with the situation

Over the years, Food Security has built up an extensive network of experts. As a member, you can call on our partners, including professors, doctors, research centres and communication experts.

Would you like to call on our network? Call us!

Fields of Expertise

Food safety incidents

As our membership consists mainly of food sector companies, we have built up a thorough knowledge and deep expertise concerning food crisis situations over many years.

A foreign body in your product? An out-of-the-ordinary consumer complaint? A recall? As a confidential partner, Food Security is there for you.

Breadth of areas

Thanks to years of experience, our expertise extends beyond food-related crisis situations.

Have your employees received a phishing mail or a false invoice? Is there a negative message about your company circulating on social media? Intrusion into your field? Questions about pre-employment screening, crisis communication or social media policy?

Food Security organises training courses and sessions on these very topical areas. If you think of another theme, do let us know!