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Phishing test (temporarily unavailable)


Phishing e-mails look highly sophisticated nowadays. Hackers use whatever they can find online to make their story as credible as possible. All they need to do, is persuade your employees to click on a link or open an attachment. One false click and your company stands to be damaged financially, lose company sensitive information or even the control over the system (and production). This test challenges your employees’ judgement: Do they recognize the alarm bells of a phishing e-mail? Do they know the procedures?


  • Do your employees follow procedure and do they have the right reflexes?
  • Evaluation and optimisation of procedure

Target group

All employees who are in touch with the outside world via an e-mail address.

Practical information

  • Duration of the phishing test: one week.
  • Report: Written report
  • Preparatory talk: We get together in advance to discuss the e-mail scenario and the subsequent procedures.
  • This test can take place after a session Cyber Security.