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Intrusion test


Every food company realizes full-well that it must take measures when it comes to Food Defense. Often, it is a combination of material (cameras, badge systems, dress code, etc.) and human checks (addressing unaccompanied externals, reporting strange behavior, etc.). Unfortunately, humans are usually the weakest link. This intrusion test measures how alert and assertive your employees are and it also serves as an eye-opener.


  • Do your employees follow procedure and do they have the right reflexes?
  • Evaluation and optimisation of procedure

Target group

All employees working at the reception, in surveillance and in production.

Practical information

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Report: Written report of the course of the intrusion test and immediate verbal feedback to the organisor
  • This intrusion test could take place after a Quick Security Scan within the framework of Food Defense.
  • Preparatory talk: As we skip the 'observation phase' we determine the scenario in a preliminary talk with you.