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Food Defense workshop


Within the framework of Food Defense, we help with getting a Food Defense team on the right track. We briefly discuss the vulnerabilities (VACCP) and threats in general (TACCP). Next, we offer you a tool (matrix) to determine your priorities in the field of Food Defense.


  • Discuss the basics of Food Defense
  • Clarifying VACCP and TACCP
  • Possibly feedback based on an earlier Quick Security Scan or intrusion test
  • Explanation of how the Food Defense tool works

Target group

This training is aimed at any employee who could possibly take part in a Food Defense team (security, environment, QA, etc.).

Practical information

  • Location: your company
  • Maximum number of participants: 8
  • Duration: between 2.30h and 3h
  • Can form part of one of the training courses included in your membership.
  • Can be done in the form of “Train the Trainer”.
  • Could take place after a Quick Security Scan or an intrusion test.