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When a crisis takes place abroad...

Do you know the legal obligations abroad?

The vast majority of the Food Security members export products abroad. Some dispose of their own staff abroad (sales office, warehouse, etc.). Others even have production sites abroad. In times of crisis, it is important to be able to make an appeal to these employees as well.


Due to accidental contamination, products have pieces of glass in them. In Belgium (the producing country) it is decided to proceed to a product recall. The effective implementation of this involves - internationally - informing various stakeholders (e.g. the authorities) where knowledge of the local customs is vital. Do your staff, the foreign sites and partners have the necessary knowledge and tools to help you through a crisis? Are they properly trained and experienced?

3 tips!

Team buitenland

Set up a local crisis management team

The presence of local teams abroad is good for your company, even in times of crisis. It is therefore necessary that they are aware of the role that they should play.


Make sure that they have the right tools, including:

  • Your company's crisis manual, or at least some crisis management guidelines
  • Knowledge of local authorities (food safety, police, etc.) and procedures: how to fulfil one’s duty to report and how to communicate about a product recall, for example.
  • A network of local experts and acknowledged laboratories. In a crisis situation, such a network - in every country where products are being sold - has proven to be an enormous asset.
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Offer a crisis management training/exercise to local teams

Being prepared for dealing with crisis situations is an underestimated advantage. Therefore, train your local teams or involve them in a crisis exercise.

Food Security helps her members by:


Helping your company in drafting and developing guidelines for an international crisis management manual.

 LP januari 2020

Organising training courses in Belgium during a meeting with the international staff.

 LP december

Organising crisis exercises at group level in Belgium and foreign sites.