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A visit from the authorities


One of our members recently received a visit from the Labour Inspection. In itself nothing to worry about, but…

Various vehicles stopped in front of the entrance and people dressed in white outfits, wearing hair nets and special shoes entered the building. Without further notice they immediately walked to the production facility.

There was no possibility or time to stop them. Next an inspector from the Labour Inspectorate came up to the front desk. He showed his ID and told the receptionist not to interfere.

Questions and documents!

The inspector asked the receptionist different questions and wanted to have access to a number of documents. In a reflex, the receptionist said she needed help for this. The inspector allowed her to call one person. But who should she call?


The 3 tips!


Have a procedure for unannounced visits by authorities

In addition to contact lists and guidelines for sensitive situations, the reception also needs to have access to a procedure for a visit by the authorities.

This procedure should contain the authorizations of the various departments and the ways of responding.


Have one contact to pass on the information

Have one contact (and a back-up) who will be informed by the reception desk about the unannounced visit. This person will pass on this information to authorized personnel and offer the reception desk the help it needs.

Train your employees

This is an important aspect of working at the reception desk. The employees must respond quickly and adequately to such a situation. For this, they need appropriate procedures and training to develop the correct reflexes.

Food Security can help you with:

- A ‘First Line’ training program for all employees who are the first to come into contact with the outside world and teach them the proper reflexes.

- Training your employees to increase ‘incident and crisis awareness’ within your company.

Do not hesitate to contact us!