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The consumer eats your products also during the holidays…

 Diversity on the work floor: a substantial challenge

Once again, the recent past has shown that managing social media never stops! For instance, on multiple brands’ Facebook pages, we’ve seen complaints – including some very serious and founded ones! Is the consumer out « to cause a buzz » or is this the preferred channel of communication nowadays? We think it’s a bit of both!

With the holiday period ahead, don’t lose sight of the fact that consumers will continue to eat your products. And certainly do not ignore the fact that some of them, especially the younger generation, have more time during this period to vent their not always positive message about your products. And this in times when there is less staff around...

The 3 tips!

Provide a culture of what’s acceptable and what’s not

Stay on top of your presence on social media

We keep repeating it, speed of action (by the consumer) and reaction (expected of the company) are such that permanent attention is required. And more importantly, if a legitimate remark is posted, we want to follow up on it and investigate it as soon as possible.

Euro 2016 will be a thing of the past by then and with the media in its off-season, over-exaggeration is a genuine risk.

Take action at the first signs of undesirable behaviour

Remember the back-ups!

Whether it concerns a key role in the primary care of an incident (consumer service, media monitoring…) or a role within the crisis team, organising replacements is essential!

The substitutes must be aware of what’s expected of them and have access to the various tools: crisis handbook, registration chips, contact lists…

Weet wat leeft onder uw mensen!

And what about Food Security during the holidays?

It goes without saying that Food Security will remainoperational for its members (24/7!)and will take advantage of this period to prepare two events that will take place in autumn:

- The Members Meetingthe annual event for all of our members. For people who experience diversity on the work floor on a daily basis, such as Human Resources, production, quality, security… Save the date and register now!

- A workshop with external experts on incident management within a social media context