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Refugees via truck on company premises

refugees-unload-truck-food-security The employees of one of our members (in Belgium) were recently confronted with six refugees who arrived on their company’s site as stowaways in a sealed refrigerated trailer. 

This happens and is due to the stowaways’ wrong ‘choice’, as they had intended to go to the UK.

First response! 

While offloading the finished products, the employee involved noticed the presence of people in the trailer. He immediately closed the trailer doors and informed his supervisor. After contacting the local police the 6 people were taken into custody. 


The 3 tips!


Frequently revise and repeat the procedure for the reception of ‘sealed’ trucks

In the light of Food Defense all logistical movements receive maximum protection, among others through sealing. However, the mere presence of a seal is insufficient and offers no guarantees. Before breaking the seal to start off loading, you must ascertain that the seal is original and intact.

Involve additional manpower if in doubt, inform the authorities if necessary

In case of the suspected presence of stowaways (for example a transport from Calais), have several employees present when the doors are first opened. The factory environment will most likely be strange to the stowaways, and panic, which may lead to accidents, must be avoided at all cost.


If stowaways are present and taken into custody by the authorities

Carry out a risk analysis concerning the integrity of the products in the trailer.


Food Security helps its members by:

Offering input when you are making your risk analysis if these events occur.

Do not hesitate to contact us!