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How do you prepare for the Food Defense aspect of an audit?

The certification audit

Various members of Food Security have reported issues surrounding certification audits for Food Defense. This is mainly due to a lack of clarity about the means that have to be deployed to meet the requirements, and ambiguity about the requirements themselves.

Food Defense vs Food Safety

Food Defense pre-supposes a ‘security culture’ within your food business. This unites two concepts that were previously separated. It is high time to no longer view your corporate process solely from a food safety aspect, but also to look at it from a security or Food Defense perspective.

‘Security Culture’

Creating efficient measures for protecting your production process are accompanied by an awareness process with your workers. This multi-disciplinary process has to create a security culture within your company. Following hygiene guidelines is self-evident. It should be equally self-evident that an unaccompanied, unknown person on your premises is addressed.

The 3 tips!


The implementation of Food Defense measures must be supported by the general management and a multidisciplinary team, the Food Defense Team. This ideally consists of a coordinator and representatives of the Quality, HR and Technical departments.


A risk analysis will form the basis of your Food Defense approach.

Identifying the potential threats and vulnerabilities are two critical elements of this risk analysis.


Making your staff aware is an inevitable challenge that is meant to enlarge the security culture within your company in addition to the existing ‘safety culture’.

This security culture will be the result of a multitude of other measures that are indirectly connected with security, because, of course, we don’t want to put bad thoughts in people’s minds.

Food Security can help you with:

- Thinking about the threats and vulnerabilities analysis.

- Looking for pragmatic and adapted solutions for your security culture.

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