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Parcel bombs explode at food and retail in Germany

Security measures and awareness create a Food Defense culture

Our food companies pay increasingly more attention to the concept op Food Defense, which is a good thing. Its purpose is to better protect products, people and infrastructure against intentional acts. In any case, prevention is better than cure. Sometimes current events also make food industry security a high priority…

Grote afbeelding

In February 2021, two out of three parcel bombs that targeted a baby food manufacturer, a soft drink manufacturer and a retail company exploded in Germany. A number of employees were injured. Several law enforcement and emergency services (police, fire department, civil defence, ambulances) were involved. This incident was discussed in both local and international press. The culprit turned out to be a pensioner, unfamiliar to the court.
Up until now, his motive remains unclear.

3 tips!

Tip 1

Security deserves some necessary attention

Although it is not always obvious for food companies, security should also be considered as a whole(External) specialists can certainly play a role in this complex matter.



 Tip 2 (1)

Multidisciplinarity is a must

 If supported by management, a multidisciplinary Food Defense Team will certainly be able to take the security aspect under its wing.



Also check security plans with local law enforcement agencies (police)

 Similar to maintaining regular contact with the fire department, collaborating with police forces may also lead to better insights and agreements in case things go wrong.

Food Security helps my company by: 

Organising the membership meeting of 2021 about the topic of “Food Defense”Save the date: Thursday 30/9 from 16h.
You will soon receive an invitation with more info about the speakers
Increasing Food Defense in your company by:
- training a Food Defense Team,
- evaluating your security measures by using a Quick Security Scan
- and measuring awareness and culture with an intrusion test.



Training first line contacts. During our "First Line" training, we look into the phenomenon of 'powder letters and parcel bombs’, among other things. We emphasize their highly exceptional nature and provide some ‘best practices’.

 More information

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Being the food industry’s confidential point of contact regarding security-related questions and/or incidents.

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