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« I’m currently out of office... please contact me later! »

The summer holidays are about to begin and the majority of you have already planned your holidays and appointed a back-up for this period. Perhaps you have even already prepared your ‘out of office’ notice. And then a crisis erupts!  

While you are enjoying your much deserved holiday, your company is hit by a crisis situation. The crisis management team is assembled and your backup assumes his role. No matter how well your backup can take over your daily activities, he did not expect this crisis and he doesn’t master the procedures.

As a result the crisis management team’s work is delayed, stress levels rise, particularly with your backup, and the quality of the work suffers.

The 3 tips!


Identify one or more people who can take over when you’re not there: for daily tasks… but also for all other aspects!


Synchronize agendas so you will never both be absent at the same time. Schedule time before and after an absence to review agreements and discuss past events.


Make sure that your backup has been properly trained in the use of the tools and procedures he will need to deploy during a crisis situation and that he has actively participated in a simulation exercise organized (by rotating with you, for example).