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Non-compliant sample, every food company’s fear.

From worst case scenario to ‘business-as-usual’: that’s how it’s done.

The FASFC is on the doorstep to take a few samples. Several weeks later, the analysis results are in: a fluid that’s in contact with the products is non-compliant… What now? It happened to one of our members.

Alarm button klein

The company immediately launched a counter analysis of the fluid. In addition, they wanted to rule out that any contact with the fluid left a residue on the food product: finished products were also sent to a lab for analysis. Worst case scenario thinking drove the team towards a risk analysis. In the event of finding a residue on the products, what’s the threshold before it poses a risk to consumers? Simultaneously, they started to search for the reason. After having been in “crisis mode” for several days, they were informed that the lab had made a mistake. It turned out that not a single threshold had been exceeded. All the hard work and the several thousands of euros spent on the analyses did have one benefit: the crisis team passed the exercise with flying colours.

3 tips!

Tip 1_tegenanalyse

Verify the facts

Always launch a counter analysis. This way, you may have a substantiated argument to start talking to the FASFC and determine a joint approach.

Tip 2_Fosec

Get in touch with Food Security

Our crisis line is available 24/7. Don’t hesitate to call us for independent advice or to take advantage of our network of experts to conduct a risk analysis, for instance. And always send the basic information of the crisis via e-mail to

Tip 3_Calm

Keep a cool head

Whenever a possible recall is pending, stress has been known to take over from common sense. A trained crisis team in which everyone knows their role and responsibilities is worth its weight in gold at times like this.

Food Security helps my company by:

  • Maintaining contact with an extensive expert network in all kinds of fields (risk analysis, crime, communication, medicine…). This network offers immediate help.

  • Being available to provide advice, based on over 30 years of experience, in crisis management in the food industry.