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Mystery Call : to do or not to do ?

Food-Security-mystery-calls There are advocates and opponents of mystery calls.

Some see them as a monitoring tool, others, like us, see them as a pedagogical tool.

The really sensitive call, the one which is a prelude to a crisis, is luckily rare! But how do you get the awareness and a level of manageability of such a situation if they only rarely occur?

Food Security believes that mystery calls should be used along all the lines for which there is crisis management within a company.


The 3 tips!

First Line

Have good procedures in place

To start with, a good procedure is essential. 

The procedure must be known and simple and possibly within easy reach. Avoid long and complicated procedures that describe everything to the very last detail… but rather chose for a clear visual presentation thereof.

Need inspiration? Contact us and ask our template!


Organise exercises for your first line

Having a procedure is one thing, giving those that need to use it, the time to learn them is another. 

Food Security regularly organises "First Line" trainings within the company, where your employees can execute these exercises live.


Trust our organisation with your mystery calls

Thanks to our experience, we can provide several scenarios and track your first line’s reaction. 

Subsequently we can provide those involved with advice how to better deal with the situation.


Food Security helps its members by:

- procedure setup
- first line training and exercises
- organization and planning of mystery calls

Do not hesitate to contact us!