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Murphy's Law

Murphy-Law-Food-Security The impending holiday period is synonymous with lower attendance, interim personnel, summer jobs, back-ups et cetera. All these elements are a cocktail that can allow a manageable incident to escalate into a crisis.

Murphy! A serious complaint, a Friday afternoon, the “first line” person isn’t familiar with the procedure and there is an overlap in the holiday planning of several key figures of your management…

Notify the right people in your organisation about the capabilities and support of Food Security vzw/asbl. It might be beneficial to several departments (quality control, human resources, marketing, facilities, communication, supply chain…)

Don’t forget that the unexpected might happen when you are on holiday and your organisation has to respond aptly.


The 3 tips!

First Line

Train your interim personnel and summer job in First Line

Be sure that the First Line personnel (receptionist for example) is also able to deal with angry consumer calls or journalists calls and that they know what to do with such a call (who to tranfer, urgency, sensitivity...)


Assure a permanence within the crisis team

Be sure all the crisis team members don't leave for holidays together. If there are back-ups, be sure they know what to do during a crisis, who to inform, how to react, etc.


During the summer period, that time to discover why 70 companies trust us since almost 30 years now!

Since almost 30 years, we accompany all kind of companies active within the food in Belgium, from SMB to multinational, from B2C to B2B, from beer to chocolate, and through dairy, prepared dishes, fruits, vegetables, drinks, meat, etc.

We help to create a incident management culture. More than a beautiful crisis manual, we let them make live the crisis management within their organizations.

Finally we offer assistance during crisis based on our experience. What they live today already happened yesterday to others!


Food Security helps its members by:

- Tailored systems for incident and crisis management

- 24/24 assistance whenever an incident occurs or a crisis breaks out

Do not hesitate to contact us!