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A missed complaint... A missed opportunity!

A consumer discovers an anomaly in a product. Alarmed he picks up the phone and calls the company. The receptionist immediately wants to put the consumer through to a quality manager.

Allo? Allo?! ... GRMBL!!

Something goes wrong during the process and the connection is cut off. The company does not have the consumer’s personal details nor sufficient information concerning the complaint.

The consumer becomes nervous...

A few hours later the company receives a very threatening e-mail from the consumer. He indicates that

he was ‘cut off’ and as a result he has contacted a news agency. They have already called him back. Besides a name, there is no other contact information in the e-mail.

The 4 tips!


Always collect a minimum of information

  • name
  • telephone number
  • nature of the problem
It is best to use pre-made documents!

Never automatically put somebody through

The recipient of the call is not always able to immediately deal with a sensitive call (occupied, external visitor present…)

Check this first!

Impossible to put through?

Notify the caller that they will be called back soon.


Immediately inform your colleague

An e-mail is not enough. Verbal contact is required.

Food Security can help with:

- Establishing and checking the procedures for managing external calls (including complaints).

- Training ‘First Line’ staff: reception desk, security, telephone operators, representatives...  

- We also have standard forms that can be used to collect data.

Do not hesitate to contact us!