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Manage comments on social media

social-media-comments-food-security Consumers are increasingly using social media to share good but also unpleasant experiences with products or services with the people around them. This can relate to an incident with the product itself but also, for example, the driving behavior of an identifiable corporate vehicle.

This happened to one of our members. 

The consumer involved was dissatisfied with the company’s response to a complaint and decided to give more notoriety to the incident (a foreign object) through social media. 


How should you respond in such a situation?


Determine a strategy

All the experts agree that you need a coherent strategy for social media as well. This does not mean that every company or organization should be present on every single platform. But it does mean, that once the decision has been made to do so, the entire project must be managed coherently.

Make no mistake: the fact that your products are not known to the public at large does not mean that you may not become the subject of a social media BUZZ (good or bad) at some point in time. Unfortunately, by now everybody knows the company ‘Spanghero’ because of the horse meat scandal.

Detect these messages!

Remain alert! Regardless of your policy of being present on social media or not, it is always important to regularly (and even permanently) remain on the lookout for news about your company. There are different free or paid instruments to help you with this.

In any case, critical monitoring of social media will be replaced by concrete and planned action.


Never simply remove a message!

Should we still mention that you should never remove a message simply because it’s negative?! Of course there are limits to the freedom of speech – also on social media. 

So, a message will only be suppressed if cumulatively: 
- Clear and published user guidelines are not adhered to
- The sender and the community have been notified that user guidelines are being violated and the reason why the message will be removed. Leaving some time between this warning and the actual removal gives you time to assess the community’s attitude towards your point of view
- You have tried to establish a (private and public) dialogue with the sender

Not following these rules can be seriously harmful to your business!


Food Security helps its members by:

- The preparation of specific messages during the workshop « Crisis Management »

- Offering tailored advice

- Organizing sessions that discuss social media in relation to crisis management. The next session (in Dutch) will be held on May 29 in Herentals.

Do not hesitate to contact us!