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Maintaining the production line

Lines are regularly shut down and a number of machines are subjected to ‘major maintenance’. Components are checked, others are replaced, everything is turned inside out by your own staff or external subcontractors.


Things may go wrong during maintenance.

A clumsy employee may lose the part of the machine he has just replaced. He can’t retrieve the piece from the machine and leaves it in without reporting the incident.

A few weeks later, when production is in full swing again, metal particles are found in the product. A long internal investigation is launched, the product is retrieved from clients, all possible causes are studied and eventually, after many weeks, the cause is found.

In the meantime there was no production on this line, clients couldn’t be supplied and the company suffered financial damages.

The 3 tips!


Always have maintenance work supervised by someone in charge, preferably a colleague from quality control.


Create a climate where ‘bad news is welcome’. Instruct your workers to report events early on before it’s too late.

Security Have good ‘security awareness’ among your workers. This means they are aware of safety and of their own role and responsibility.

Food Security can help you with:

- Tools for increasing ‘security awareness’.

- Sensitizing workers about this topic.

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