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Is your crisis team ready? Take the test and let us organise a simulation exercise for you!

Every year approximately twenty of our members challenge themselves by doing a simulation exercise!

In the context of the Fipronil crisis, a food company had to take the necessary action. Afterwards, we were told that they had been able to successfully deal with this crisis thanks to the simulation exercise that we had organised at their premises.

Crisis Management Team small

Given the current climate with an abundance of recalls, it is more than appropriate – not only because of BRC or IFS - that food companies regularly do a real simulation exercise. This is much more than a simple traceability exercise!


What does this mean?

We prepare a scenario together with your company’s contact person. The exercise will altogether take half a day. At the moment of the exercise, you will receive real emails, phone calls and contact forms. This way, we test your front desk staff. Then, the crisis team gets organised and takes strategic action. Of course, this will also entail crisis communication. A journalist will put your spokesperson to the test. The exercise is followed by a debriefing. Afterwards, your company will also receive a report with concrete points that need improvement and you can compare your company’s score with the average score of our members. After a few exercises we will be able to map your own growth.  team

3 tips!


A customised scenario

The common food safety incident remains popular. In addition, we see that some companies like to have some (potential) pain point incorporated in the scenario. Other scenarios that we would like to work out for you are: a fire drill, a cyber incident, a breakdown, a fraud caseFood Defense, …


A refresher of the procedure for the crisis team

A simulation exercise really refreshes the procedures and the manual. Real tools (logbook, press release, Q&A list,...) will be used and developed further.


A customised report: external view & concrete expertise

The exercise is animated and guided by Food Security. We intervene when the team is stuck or might be overlooking certain scenarios, this way increasing the lessons learned. Furthermore, we will evaluate you objectively and suggest points for improvement. From the 2nd exercise on you will be able to see your own growth.

Food Security helps my company by:

  • Suggesting improvements with regard to the procedure, the skills, the tools.

  • Creating awareness: from the front desk staff to the spokesperson.