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Incident Culture… The Missing Link?


Food Security has existed for almost 30 years now. In all those years, we’ve seen a lot. Frequently, the same finding catches our attention. The human factor plays a decisive role in incident and crisis management. So this immediately makes it a critical link where more than one thing could go wrong. 

How aware are your employees of their responsibility in this?

Fortunately, there are means to raise this awareness throughout the work force. It occurred to us that our annual general meeting presents the ideal occasion to highlight this subject with the theme “Incident Culture… The Missing Link?”. 



How do you achieve aware and alert behaviour when it comes to incident and crisis management

The right knowledgeattitude and skills are indispensable! The right person in the right position. But also by making the desired behaviour part of everyday functioning and your employees’ assessments.

addressing and exemplary conduct

About addressing and exemplary conduct

Training is good, demonstrating is better. You can’t expect employees to demonstrate “correct” behaviour if their superiors don’t set the right example. Incident and crisis management awareness is a managerial responsibility.


About crisis management culture behaviour supported by the top

Awareness concerning incident and crisis management must first of all be widely supported by the management at executive level. Only then can you let it seep down the company and make sure that everybody understands it and takes their own personal responsibility.

These topics were covered during an interactive workshop at our annual general meeting. To elaborate on this, we handed the floor to expert and psychologist Rob van den Biggelaar of BG Consulting.

So Food Security is also available for:

- Training that’s interwoven with incident and crisis management awareness.

- Tools that can help create this awareness within your company


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