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How vulnerable is your company in cyber space?

Think before you click

In Europe, Belgium comes bottom of the class: as many as 9% of all Belgians has already been a financial victim of hackers. That’s why the government launched an awareness-raising campaign concerning cyber security in the month of October.

Awareness spam_small WannaCry, Petya, Krack-Attack, etcetera, are just a few of the well-known cyber attacks to have struck various companies. Belgium is an attractive target for cyber criminals as many large European institutions are situated in Brussels. What can companies do about it? As 91% of all cyber attacks is triggered by phishing e-mails, you can train employees to recognize and deal with phishing e-mails. Source: Eurostat, VBO

The 3 tips!

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Create awareness on the work floor

​It’s very important to make your staff aware of the dangers associated with opening e-mails and text messages, using social media and setting passwords. You could have them take the phishing test developed by safeonweb or cybersimpel’s awareness-tests.

Provide clear procedures

The correct reflex when receiving a suspicious e-mail or telephone call can be crucial. What should employees do if they open a damaging file, or click on a fake link, or notice something bizarre in their inbox? To whom do they report it? Make sure that clear procedures for all end-users are in place and that they know who their point of contact is.

Know your partners

​Does an e-mail strike you as suspicious? Send it to What if you have fallen victim to hackers anyway? On the one hand, report the incident to the CERT (federal cyber emergency team) via and on the other hand, inform the local police who will discretely and swiftly offer you the help of their experts.

Food Security helps her members by:

  • Giving a Cyber Security session to all employees with a professional e-mail address and account on social media. The session focuses both on recognizing possible cyber threats (smishing and phishing e-mails), and on dealing with such e-mails, social media and passwords.
  • Performing a phishing test. This test measures both the extent of your employees’ awareness of cyber threats, and to which extent your employees follow procedures. This way, you keep your employees alert and reduce your company’s cyber vulnerability to a minimum.