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How a ‘Social Media Policy’ could have prevented image damage…

And then an employee flew off the handle...on our Facebook page!

How to avoid a commercial difference from being fought out on your brand’s official Facebook page? It happened to one of our members…

Just imagine: a former commercial relationship posts a negative comment about the past collaboration on your official Facebook page. This is followed up by a snappy reaction by the page’s moderator, thereby on behalf of the company


Know what’s circulating online

Just because you have an official Facebook page, doesn’t mean to say that there isn’t an unofficial page. These pages are often a proliferation of employees’ frustrations, consumer complaints and inappropriate photographs. To put it shortly: they’re no good for your image

Draw up a Social Media Policy

Nowadays, social media are an integrated part of society. Open a dialogue with your employees on the private and professional use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et cetera) and explain the rules of the game. Make sure that employees know they make and break the company’s image with their word-of-mouse. A happy employee is worth his or her weight in gold.

Get prepared for crisis communication 2.0

If you’re on social media and you draw up a solid policy when it’s quiet, you’ll reap the benefits when a crisis occurs. On the one hand, you’re constantly keeping an eye on what people are posting regarding your brand. On the other hand, it’s easier to monitor and channel all the questions and complaints.

Food Security helps its members by:

Subject to sufficient interest, Food Security will organise a workshop on social media: from policy to guidelines.

During previous workshops in 2013 and 2015 we mainly covered the basic principles of organising and managing social media.

This time, it will be about protecting you against image damage because of social media, we’d like to elaborate on a more practical aspect: drawing up a detailed 'Social Media Policy'. Together with our experts we would like to offer you this course.