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How a blocked product was put on the market…

Detect, trace and block: child's play?

The quality department receives a complaint about a foreign body. After investigating it, the service found that the product in question should not have been on the market. The product had been blocked four months before due to the possible presence of foreign bodies…


How could this happen?

The technical department had replaced a defective machine so that the production could again run at full speed. After a whole production day they noted that the machines were not thoroughly cleaned after the repair, and that there was a possibility that there were foreign bodies in the entire day’s production. Dozens of pallets were blocked for destruction.

Four months later, the quality department still received a complaint about a foreign body on this blocked lot. As it turns out… the system had only blocked two pallets and the rest of the product left for sale. A recall is imminent.

Several of our members have experienced this...

3 tips!

Tip 1 buffer

Insert a buffer after an intervention

After a technical intervention on a production line it is recommended to insert a buffer. Take additional product samples and analyze them – according to the type of intervention - for foreign bodies, chemical residues, etc. Increased vigilance is required. Short-term action may limit extra costs and damage to your image.

Tip 2 gemarkeerd

Systems are not flawless

In times where everything has to go faster and faster and where time is money, people tend to blindly rely on systems. Even though they undeniably play an important role and provide assistance, these systems are unfortunately not flawless. Build in an extra control by distinguishing the blocked product visually from normal product.

Tip 3 communicatie

Communication and consultation for the win

The quality department and the technical department should continuously and transparently coordinate in order to avoid any incidents or crises. Both incident and crisis management awareness are important for every employee.

Food Security helps its members by:

1 LP

- Creating a learning point on a monthly basis based on our members’ experiences in all kinds of areas (quality, HR, crisis communication, cyber security, fraud...), because sharing works!

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2 T

- Offering various training and ‘awareness’ sessions based on multiple real-life scenarios in order to train local and group crisis management teams in a variety of areas.

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Nummer 3_0

Providing assistance and advice in the event of a crisis based on our expertise, our experience and our knowledge, which we gained at more than 80 companies at home and abroad.

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