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He did it!

Responsability-Consumer-Complaint-Food-Security Your customer service receives a serious complaint via e-mail. The complaint is about a foreign object that nearly choked the person involved. However, this product is not manufactured by your company but by a third party with a brand license. Although the contact information on the box is not yours, the consumer comes to you anyway. 

Since your company has nothing to do with this product, apart from the brand (through licensing), you report this fact to the consumer. You point out to him that he will find all the necessary information on the package.


The 3 tips!


Your brand remains your image

Whether or not you actually produce everything that carries your brand is irrelevant to the consumer. To him it is your company’s brand and you are the first contact point. In the end, he will also remember your brand name!

Take responsibility & ownership

The consumer cares nothing for brand licenses and other points of contact. If your company is approached, make sure the consumer is helped, so he does not have to go looking for help elsewhere.


Employee awareness

Make sure that your employees are aware of their responsibility in this matter. They represent your brand and your company to the outside world.


Food Security helps its members by:

- Offering training linked to incident and crisis management awareness

- Offering advice on out of the ordinary or particularly sensitive complaints

Do not hesitate to contact us!