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Google never forgets...

Google: friend or enemy in times of crisis?

Food Security attained the ‘International crisis communications conference’ in Berlin. One workshop demonstrated that Google does not or hardly forgets your crisis, which turns out to be an important eye-opener…


In order to ‘exist’ as a company, you have to appear on the first page in Google’s search results. So you had better treat Google as your friend. However, every advantage has its disadvantage…

Imagine this, 5 years ago you experienced a crisis which was picked up by some media channels, could this still come to light today?

Stakeholders often do some research before doing business with your company. Wouldn’t it be a shame if your reputation still suffered from a crisis of 5 years ago?

Furthermore, in the event of a crisis, journalists will Google your company and try to link this crisis to any previous ones.


What can your company do to make sure that Google ‘forgets’ you?

3 tips!

Tip 1 flag

Be aware of what comes to light on Google 

Use the incognito mode on Google and enter a number of keywords. For example, "your company name" AND "recall" OR "crisis" OR "scandal". What pops up? Your company pages or news websites?

Tip 2

Use Search Engine Optimization

Make sure that your website is the first one that catches the eye of your customers, consumers and journalists. Moreover, stakeholders will find your website more easily if you use SEO to structure information. This is even more important in times of crisis: there is little use in being the first to communicate if stakeholders cannot find your website.

Tip 3

Engage proactively in reputation management

Know your company’s weaknesses. Then make sure that your desired image is in line with your reputation – ‘Food Safety’ is a credo that does not go hand in hand with previous recall messages appearing on the first Google page.

Food Security helps its members by:

  • Organizing a workshop about Search Engine Optimization. Please let us know if you are interested.

  • Organizing a workshop about Reputation Management. Please let us know if you are interested.
  • Continuously expanding our internal and network expertise in crisis management and communication.