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Fraud, the NeverEnding Story… (info flash)

(Very) recent cases remind us that it is important to be vigilant in commercial contacts to avoid falling victim to well-organized fraud practices.

This message has already been sent on September 2014.

 Today we are going to add some new elements. 

The modus operandi is as follows: 


You are being approached from abroad* by:

- a prospect
- a new client
- a new contact with an existing client
NEW a middle-man who says he’s working for several potential clients
*: Western Europa

NEW The middleman is using a traditional commercial approach

The way of working closely matches common practice:

- exchange of information 
- sending out samples
- planning visits to production sites
- repeated telephone contact
- ...

This is intended to earn your trust!


NEW The expected quantities of product are considerable

And so is the potential turnover.


NEW There is a commission for this middleman

He claims to pay back part of his commission if the client suddenly backs out.

If all of these elements are present and you do not request pre-payment, then beware!

This could actually be a swindler how is pretending to be somebody else.
If you are or have been confronted with a similar situation, do not hesitate to contact us for discrete assistance.