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Fraud in all its facets

Frauds keep re-inventing themselves

In 2015, we already warned you, currently financial fraud is better organised than ever and increasingly hard to trace. Several of our members have had to deal with it…


At the request of the criminal police, a supplier sifts through his invoices related to one customer. The supplier comes across several e-mails and telephone calls that show that this customer is dealing with technical failures and overdue payments. However, these e-mails and telephone calls aren’t from the customer in question but from a criminal organisation.
When this customer does the same investigation, they too discover what appear to be e-mails and telephone calls from the supplier… The criminal organisation is trying to con both parties. On the one hand, they’re trying to eliminate the supplier with the so-called overdue payments while on the other hand trying to con the customer by changing the bank account number.
In short, the customer booked money into the criminal organisation’s bank account and the supplier was left with the unpaid bills. Everybody loses. In this case, the police managed to round up the criminal organisation, but unfortunately the money was nowhere to be found.



Crisis Management Team – Beware

The company’s Board should be aware of the modus operandi and formulate preventative procedures for the people in the first line of support.


First Line (from reception to bookkeeping) – awareness

Whenever something changes abruptly (e-mail address, postal address, bank account number, et cetera) or if you’re in doubt, never hesitate to verify the changed information with your usual point of contact.


Authorities – don’t hesitate to file a complaint

Any company can file a complaint with the local police. There is a federal registration centre that keeps track of fraud and swindle.

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