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False documents, more and more new methods!


Frauds aren't hanging about and they're unleashing their creativity on you. In the past, we have issued multiple warnings about the dangers of fraudulent invoices and scams that Belgian companies, including food companies, have become the victim of.

Trendstop is currently issuing a warning for a new and even further reaching kind of fraud. A Bulgarian conman had himself “appointed” delegated board member of several companies and had this published in the Belgisch Staatsblad. Subsequently he used this position to collect as much money as possible. The real delegated member of the board wasn't aware that his name and position were being abused.

The 3 tips!


Keep proper procedures readily available and train your staff

Don't sign or pay for anything if you are in doubt and make sure your employees do the same. Check any data several ways to establish the authenticity of any documents. An invoice can only ever follow a service request.


Use the means available to protect yourself

There are several tools and tips available to fortify you and your company. It's practically impossible to check everything yourself but you can use the resources that have been developed to help companies from being victimised.

Here are some examples:


"Publications légales / Wettelijke publicaties" is a web based app where you register your companys's name and an email address. When your company is mentionned in the "Belgisch Staatsblad" or annexes, you are directly informed by mail.


Some good tips and tricks from the FPS (federal public service = Ministry) Economy


WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization - the real one!) collects on its website a sample of misleading invoices for registration of trademark.


In an article published in "de Tijd", Gevers, office specialized in trademark registration, warns against this practice.


Make sure all your employees are aware, from the mail department to the bookkeepers!

The first tell-tale signs of a crisis rarely emerge through the usual channels. Therefore, each employee's role is crucial in recognising them.


Creating a company culture in which each employee is aware of his or her role in recognising the first tell-tale signs is essential!

It's the theme of our annual members meeting to which we would like to invite you! Attendance is free of charge but compulsory for members.


Food Security helps her members by:

-       Frequently informing them on new phenomena

-       Developing tools and making them available to their employees

-       Staying in touch with the authorities on a range of subjects

Do not hesitate to contact us!