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Every manager’s nightmare…

How resilient is your company in the event of a serious workplace accident?

In the event of a fatal work accident, your company had better consist of a crisis management culture. First, you need procedures dictating how to respond. Second, operators must be well-rehearsed in how to react. Third, the crisis management team must be addressed quickly. Otherwise, your company's reputation could be seriouslydented as in the case below.
Grote afbeelding Intrusion_Food_Defense During a night shift, an operator suffers a fatal heart attack. In accordance with the internal guidelines, the emergency services are contacted. A close colleague calls the victim’s partner on a whim and informs her of the terrible news. This colleague was not aware of any tension between the deceased colleague and their employer. The victim’s partner blames the employer and expresses her dissatisfaction on Facebook in the middle of the night. When the management arrives at the office in the morning, the press is waiting for them. They have already interviewed the union and want to critically interrogate the management now. How can we help you?

3 tips!

Tip 1 cultuur

Notify emergency services and a responsible person

Obviously, you have the necessary emergency and intervention plansof which the employees are aware. Initially, the emergency services are notified. At the same time, someone notifies the safety officer who will inform other parties such as managementcompetent authorities (FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue) and police services. The crisis coordinator or the chairman will convene your crisis team for further action and communication. They will contact the victim's family. Make sure that your employees - also during the night and weekend shift - respect this and do not communicate on their own.



 Tip 2 opleiding

Involvement & empathy

A serious work accident may shock witnesses and close colleagues. Provide victim support for those who need it. Be involved and empathic in your communication.

Develop your crisis communication plan in advance

Make a list of employees who may communicate externally in the event of a serious work accident. Decide in advance who will contact the victim's family. Provide the necessary training for this person so that he is able to deliver bad newsPrepare your communication (internal communication to employees, an external statement, a FAQ) so that you can easily and quickly inform everyone at once.


Food Security helps my company by: 

organising a members' meeting about behavioural change. How do you make sure that your operators realise the importance of notifying both the emergency services and internal people? How do you make them respect the procedures?
having the right partners at our disposal. This way, you can call on external victim support through us.


help shaping your company’s crisis management system by giving feedback on existing procedures, offering a crisis manual and other useful tools and reflecting on your system.

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