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Does your HR manager have a sixth sense?

How pre-employment screening may avoid incidents

i-Force* carried out a pre-employment screening (PES) during the recruitment of an operator for a food company. In the online questionnaire, the candidate had indicated to have no history of employment conflicts. The analysis of his resume revealed that his employment history consisted of short-term contracts alternated with a number of periods during which his occupations were unclear.


Moreover, a telephone call with a former employer exposed that the candidate had left the organization after an employment conflict, which had also involved a court case. Apparently, the candidate had leaked confidential information.


The contradictions in the online questionnaire, the interview with the former employer, the many short-term employment contracts and the number of unexplainable periods in his employment history have led our client not to accept this candidate.


*Food Security has an extensive network of privileged experts in various fields, amongst others i-Force concerning PES and fraud investigation.

3 tips!



Before carrying out a PES, the European privacy regulations (Global Data Protection Regulation, GDPR for short) require you to have a signed consent form by the candidate. This will enable you to demonstrate to former employers that you are allowed to ask questions about this person.



The most valuable information can be found out by conducting a reference conversation. Keep in mind, however, that not all questions may be asked due to the GDPR. We recommend you to create a standard questionnaire that (HR) managers can use for all reference checks.


Risk analysis

We recommend analyzing all positions for integrity sensitivity. Position integrity risks may depend on a number of factors: decision-making authority, authority to act on behalf of the organization, special transaction execution, access to sensitive information or to financial data...

Food Security helps her members by:

  • Organizing a pre-employment screening session on 23 October. In this session, the possibilities and limitations of screenings will be discussed. Experts will also provide the participants with tools and aidsMore information.

  • Giving advice on a custom-made approach.