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Does your company have a lively Food Defense?

Food Defense: from reception to production staff to management

Would you leave your front door open when you go off to work or trust strangers with the keys to your house? "No.” The same point can be made with regard to your company security. On the one hand, you make sure that physical security is in place (badge system, fence, camera surveillance). On the other hand, you invest in human security by training your employees (SCAN method, following the procedures, etc.). These measures create a security culture which is necessary within the framework of Food Defense. Many of our food companies are on the right track, yet sometimes a story emerges....


An employee has a strange feeling when two visitors are walking freely and unescortedly on the site. He approaches them and asks who they are and who their contact person is. They answer being there on behalf of the manager of another Belgian site. The employee verifies this by calling the manager in question. The latter confirms the story and briefly states that he gives them permission to walk around the site independently. No one was aware of this visit. This goes against all rules regarding the reception and guidance of visitors within the framework of Food Safety and Food Defense. The staff member acted correctly, but he might think twice in the future before addressing strangers. Unfortunately, this incident is not beneficial to the security culture.

3 tips!


The management and its exemplary role

The management must support the security culture creation. Setting a good example is crucial (visitors are always guided, future visitors reported, etc.). In addition, clear communication about the concept of Food Defense and what is expected of the employees is necessary.


SCAN method

The employee applied the SCAN method excellently.

See: He was very alert and spotted 2 visitors who were walking around the site.

Challenge: He found it strange that they were not accompanied.

Ask: He approached them and asked a few questions.

Notify: He called the contact person and verified the story.

Intern en extern

Attention for both external parties and employees

Although Food Defense often focuses on the visitors and external parties who enter your company, your own employees should not be forgotten. Can the employees vent their complaints and frustrations somewhere? Does your work floor have a pleasant atmosphere? Know what is going on and strive for transparent communication.

Food Security helps its members by:

1 LP juni

- organising a session for the Crisis Management Team during which we examine your company’s Food Safety and Food Defense culture.

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2 LP juni

- giving a First Line session at your company. During this session we will explain the SCAN method and create awareness about various delicate situations.

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 3 LP juni

- performing an intrusion test at your company. This test will measure your employees’ alertness and assertiveness and can also be used as an eye opener.

Temporarily included in all memberships until September 21th. There's a limited number of places. First come, first served. Get in touch with us for more information.

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