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The crisis manual: a tool or a dead book?

By now, the need for a crisis manual is an established fact for companies who are a part of Food Security. However, crisis management and the crisis manual, which outlines who is in the crisis team and how a crisis should be managed is often only ‘cherished’ by the quality manager.

He assumes a coordinating role in this. He tries to bring the ‘crisis management thing’ to life for the other team members and throughout the company.

The ultimate test: the simulation exercise

Once the crisis manual has been developed, we also want to test it. We will then organize a simulation exercise with the company. Unfortunately, far too often we have to conclude that the manual, if it is even present, is not or hardly used. Nevertheless, there can be pearls of wisdom in front of the crisis team…. But there’s insufficient knowledge of and familiarity with the manual.

The 3 tips!



A well developed and familiar crisis manual can offer a foothold during a crisis.



Team work during the preparation and creation of the crisis manual creates awareness in the team.


Crisis management culture 

Through training and particularly through practice, crisis management comes to life throughout the company.


Food Security can help you by developing a tailored program by:

- Supplying a standard “Crisis Manual manual”.

- Further detailing documents during a workshop with the crisis team.

- Offering help with thinking about and developing procedures.

- Organizing training sessions and simulation exercises tailored to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us!