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Crisis management should be a part of your company’s DNA

Crisis-aware employees make the difference

A new employee... Besides a good perspective also a learning process: guided tours, the handover of materials, an immersion in the company culture.... He/she has to discover the ins and outs of the company in all areas, including crisis management (cyber security, social media, press, food defense). How do you include this?



Starting in an unknown company with new procedures and people takes a lot of time and energy from brand new employees. Apart from the function-related aspects, it is important to immediately include them in the specific company culture. This also includes its crisis management culture:


  • Do new employees know that they are not allowed to speak to the press? Moreover, do they know who the spokesperson is and which information they have to pass on?
  • What should they do with a suspicious email? After all, a wrong click is easily done.
  • Are they aware that they have to follow certain guidelines when they refer to your company on their social media?

Does every new employee have the right reflex and are the procedures known? How do you deal with this?

3 tips!


Create incident awareness from the outset

During the introduction day, one should also pay attention to incident awareness (incident escalation, how to behave on social media, with the press or strangers, etc). If this is part of the process from the outset, it feels obvious.


Make sure that all employees recognize new employees

Not only new employees need to know the ins and outs of your company. The others should also be informed about the new faces. Provide this information through the usual communication channels on a regular basis.


Make crisis management a part of your company's DNA

By ensuring that crisis management is an inherent part of the company culture, you try to limit incidents and the impact of crises. This starts on the first day and is interwoven with other business aspects in various domains.

Food Security helps her members by:


Providing a customised incident awareness session to all (new) employees. With relevant examples and interactive exercises we try to learn the employees about incident awareness on the one hand and about the procedures on the other hand.

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Organising a ‘social media policy’ workshop on 23/3 in Dutch on 26/03 in French. During this workshop we will discuss the use of social media in and out of the work place. What needs to be included from a legal point of view? How do you roll this out?

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Offering a cyber security session to all employees who have a professional email address. During this interactive session we will discuss how to recognize and deal with smishing, vishing, phishing, social engineering and invoice fraud. Password hygiene, dealing with social media and data breach will also be discussed.

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Giving a session to the first line contacts (reception, customer service, security, etc). How should they deal with sensitive situations (a call from a journalist/consumer/customer, suspicious letters/calls/actions/emails) and which procedures should they follow?

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