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Courier parks in disabled parking space to buy a sandwich


Or will it be your company name in this newspaper headline soon?

Vehicles in business fleets often bear the company logo. Every day, drivers represent the company’s image on national and international roads! One wrong manoeuvre is acceptable but in the case of anti-social behaviour or road rage the outside world will be at your door, sending you e-mails or posting photographs on social media.

Something similar happened to one of our members a few weeks ago.

The 3 tips!


Note that “with due diligence” doesn’t mean the same to everyone

Besides logos and brand names on vehicles, this can be extended to coats, caps and other printed materials that your employees take to the streets with. 

At that time, they are your company’s image to the outside world and you expect them to behave “with due diligence” as they will make or break your company’s reputation. How this is interpreted in practical terms, differs from one person to another…

Reputations come on foot but leave on horseback.


Use existing aids

Provide clear guidelines on what “with due diligence” is and what is and isn’t allowed in situations like this. 

Call people to account and make them take responsibility if you should receive any comments or complaints. 

This is how you create a company culture!


And then it’s all down to regular practice

Certainly for vehicles, whereby the impact of abuse can be huge, existing car policies are handy tools. 

But, even employees who only occasionally take to the roads for limited interventions need to be aware of and abide by such policies. 

This is company culture!


Food Security helps its members by:

- Emphasizing, on courses, the necessity of a proper incident and crisis management culture within the company

- Offering advice in case of extraordinary or sensitive complaints in this field


Don't hesitate to contact us!