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Can your employees spot a phishing scam?

How well prepared are you for a cyberattack?

In May, a large-scale infection of the WannaCry ransomware was detected in a number of large Spanish companies. From here, the ransomware was able to spread to 150 countries and no fewer than 48 healthcare organisations in the UK.  That's just a taste of what cybercriminals are capable of and a vision of what the future holds.


Your IT system can become infected by malware through phishing emails and infected websites. Unless you pay a ransom, the hackers will either block your information or deny you access to the system. SMEs are the default targets: they spend less money on security but have enough to pay the ransom. Over the past few years, many of our members have been confronted with scenarios like these: from CEO fraud to double billing and supply fraud to blatant ransomware attacks. How can your company protect itself against these risks?


Create a human firewall

Ensure that each and every employee is aware of cybersecurity risks. Training is key: make the weakest link in cybersecurity your company's strongpoint by training your team to detect and identify a cybersecurity incident. 

Prevention is better than cure

Make a backup of all your data, update all your software and invest in a good antivirus software. For more advanced tips, download the ransomware guide or the incident management guide.

Fight in the battle against cybercrime

Too late? Report the infection to the local police and Consult the guidelines on the WannaCry ransomware.

Food Security helps its members by:

  • In the light of the rising levels of cybercrime, we have added a section to our First Line training dedicated to this topic. With exercises, your employees will be made aware of the cybersecurity risks, with a particular focus on: phishing emails, password security and Social Engineering. Contact us for more info!

  • We can also provide your staff with just the Cyber Security session on its own. After all, every employee is a possible target.

  • Another possibility is to bring in Food Security, who will test the reflexes of your employees with the spot-check. This test is carried out over the phone. As of today, it's also possible, in consultation with your company, to expand the test to include cybersecurity. The emphasis here is on the identification of and correct response to suspicious emails.