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The calm before the storm

The world cup is over and the Tour will not last forever either. Unless government negotiations provide us with daily news, we are about to enter ‘the off-season’, a period when we do not expect a lot of news.  

This is the time when items that normally don’t make the news can suddenly gain momentum because journalists eagerly pick up on them.

If you need to send out a press release the coming period – regardless of the content – then you know you should be prepared for increased interest.

The 3 tips!

1405422759_0004 Continue to carefully follow up on every report / incident, especially in this period.
1405422760_0006 As soon as an incident can become public– or if it already has, of course – immediately start preparations for communication!
1405422760_0007 Determine the objective of the communication and don’t forget that information travels faster and more widely than ever before, so state your core messages and take stock of who should receive it when and how.