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A hot potato? Pass it on to the right person!

Cybersecurity? Not my job.

Are you of the same opinion? Then at least take the time to forward this learning point to those who you think their job it should be: the IT department or top management. Research among Belgian companies shows that a cyber attack is in the top three of criminal phenomena that companies expect to fall victim to this year.


"This morning I arrived at work and I could not start because 'the system' was blocked: servers were deleted, systems or backups encrypted, viruses were sending out uncontrolled emails..."


It’s every company’s nightmare. Then the race against time starts in order to regain control over the system. On the one hand there is a return to pen and paper to communicate, on the other hand the production may be stopped for days, sometimes even for weeks.


Some of our members have already encountered this situation.

3 tips!


The responsibility of top management

More than ever before, cybersecurity must be 'top of mind' within companies. It is important to know how developed your company is in the field of cybersecurity and how it tries to improve it (awareness sessions, phishing tests, etc.). Cybersecurity must be the responsibility of top management. They must support the IT department with sufficient resources (technology, time and budget). Only this way a cybersecurity culture can be created within your company.


Every employee makes his contribution

Besides top management, everyone has his own role to play in cybersecurity. The system is only as strong as its weakest link and precisely that is the favourite target of cyber criminals. Everyone within the company must be aware of their individual responsibility in this field.


Prevention is better than cure

Are you able to identify all your system’s soft spots? Or do you need some assistance? It is a sensible investment to submit your system to a penetration test. An expert will carry out a vulnerability test and will try to hack your system. This, of course, is a simulation. Afterwards you will receive a report and some recommendations to improve your system’s security.

Food Security helps its members by:


- organising a cybersecurity awareness training at your company in order to increase awareness among all employees by pointing out the various dangers of cybercrime.

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- maintaining contact with external partners who are experts in the field, so that they might assist your company both precautionarily and during a hacking.


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- If interested, we can arrange an information session with this external partner.

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