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Find out here how you can become a member and why Food Security chooses to offer a membership-based service.

Membership as a long-term cooperative relationship

We opt for memberships because we want to enter into a long-term cooperative relationship with our clients. We therefore draw up a customised system that should equip your company to manage any crisis.

Your Food Security membership starts with an introductory meeting, during which you will become acquainted with our services and we will examine how we can help you to embed a positive crisis management culture in your company.

Crisis readiness – prepare yourself for a crisis

Effective crisis management starts with proper preparation. This is why we work in partnership with each of our clients to develop a customised system for that company. We train an internal crisis team through courses and tests. By training and educating your employees, we aim to ensure that their instincts and knowledge enable them to respond in the right way in the event of a crisis.

Crisis management – How does Food Security assist you during a crisis?

A serious incident or a crisis situation? You can reach us 24/7 on our crisis telephone number. As an external partner, Food Security provides you with independent advice based on years of crisis management experience in the food sector. We translate this experience and expertise into concrete and practical recommendations around your specific situation.

Are you ready to arm yourself properly against any crisis? Fill out the form below and we will contact you for an introductory meeting.