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Learning Point

April 2019

Product tampering with needles causes debris in a sector worth millions of dollars

April 2019

September 2018/ It was global news – needles were being found in strawberries all over Australia. As they were getting closer to tracking down the criminal, needles started turning up in bananas and apples as well. Copycats increased the complexity of the situation. The government promised a reward of $100,000 for useful information about the perpetrator and threatened with the maximum sentence of 15 years. Things went from bad to worse: tons of fruit were dumped, New Zealand no longer wanted to import Australian fruit. This case shows how deficient crisis communication can affect an entire sector.

April 2019

How a blocked product was put on the market…

March 2019

The quality department receives a complaint about a foreign body. After investigating it, the service found that the product in question should not have been on the market. The product had been blocked four months before due to the possible presence of foreign bodies…

March 2019

A hot potato? Pass it on to the right person!

February 2019

Are you of the same opinion? Then at least take the time to forward this learning point to those who you think their job it should be: the IT department or top management. Research among Belgian companies shows that a cyber attack is in the top three of criminal phenomena that companies expect to fall victim to this year.


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Media training (at request)

Suddenly, is there a journalist at the door... Should I answer? What should I say? Do I have to say something?